Mark Henry (mdhenry) wrote in fangs_fur_fey,
Mark Henry

Let's Play Dream Movie!

Imagine your a producer, capable of optioning and bringing to the screen any urban fantasy novel of your choosing. Take your time. Mull it over. Here are the questions: Which book are you producing? Who's going to star? Why is this your "Dream Movie"?

I bring this up, because this past Friday, I read Liz William's SNAKE AGENT. It's really an amazing achievement, part sci-fi, part horror, part mystery, and all urban fantasy.

Detective Inspector Chen (Russell Wong) polices Singapore Three with a Feng Shui kit and a scalpel, hunting for a ghost witness to a conspiracy from Hell. Along for the ride is Zhu Irzh (Jackie Chan), a demon from a corresponding precinct of Hell; Lao (Sammo Hung), his exorcist; the Goddess Kuan Yin (Gong Li); and his demon wife, Inari (Michele Yeoh). William's world and her Chinese Hell is so gorgeous and intricate, I couldn't resist going all out fanboy and penning her a little note to gush.

Your turn...

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