Amanda Marrone (amanda_marrone) wrote in fangs_fur_fey,
Amanda Marrone

Uninvited ARC give-away.

Uninvited is coming out next month and I have two ARCs up for grabs. I was trying to come up with some sort of clever contest like frost_light and lurban did for their ARCs, but with a DEADLINE that's giving me nightmares, all you have to do is head over to my blog, respond to my latest entry, and I'll put your name in the hat. 

Feel free to say something clever if you want--a vampire haiku, or perhaps an Ode to Blood, and  I'll put your name in twice!

I'll pick a winner on Sunday and get the ARCs in the mail Monday morning.

Edited to add--just writing "something clever" in your response has already been taken. :>

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