November 12th, 2008

  • jbattis

Prop 8 and Fantasy Writing

It's always been my understanding that fantasy lit is about opening up possibilities, disrupting patriarchy, and creating imaginative, safe spaces for diverse groups to explore their dreams and desires.  How does the passage of Proposition 8--effectively banning gay marriage in California and altering the constitution to strip American citizens of their civil rights--resonate within our community of fiction writers?  We are straight, gay, bi, trans, questioning, intersex, gender-variant, and everything in between.  Our worlds encompass every gender possibility and every permutation of life, love, and magic. 

So what can/should we do about Prop 8?  How does this affect our writing, our worlds, our characters?  Do we have the obligation, as cultural actors, critics, writers, and artists, to protect civil rights and denounce discrimination?  Can we remain neutral?