Jeri Smith-Ready (jer_bear711) wrote in fangs_fur_fey,
Jeri Smith-Ready

Topic of the Week - "Trunk" novels

Hi everyone, and thanks for not making fun of me for forgetting the TotW last week due to the long holiday weekend and convention-induced brain-deadedness.   ;-)

This week's topic came out of my own mind (or what's left of it).  It concerns those unpublished manuscripts we wrote before we received our first contracts.  Some of them deserve to see the light of day; some are what could more delicately be called, "valuable learning experiences."  I've heard them referred to as "trunk novels," because after they've made the rounds of rejection, they tend to be shoved away in a trunk or closet.

So my question is: how many of you, after receiving a contract, have attempted to publish your 'trunk' novels?  Any success? Did you submit them as is or revise them?  If the latter, how much work was needed--just a fresh coat of paint, or a complete dismantling and rebuilding?

Perhaps there's a point at which an old idea is an old idea, and no matter how much we tinker with the ancient manuscript, it's better just to move on and develop newer, fresher projects.  If the manuscript was rejected, maybe there was a reason.  Even if it wasn't rejected but merely abandoned, does it matter that it was written by a former version of you?

If there are any agents/editors watching, I would love to hear your input as well.  This goes for aspiring authors, too--do you plan to submit older finished projects in the event your current submission is picked up by a publisher? 

Leave your comments in the post, and as always, I'm looking for new topics, so send them to jeri AT jerismithready DOT com.

Have a great week!

--Jeri Smith-Ready
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