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RT from A to Z

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Last year’s RT from A to Z was a huge hit. And so…here’s the all new 2009 edition. Maybe it’s not as clever as last year’s ode to RT. Sorry, but I’m still decompressing from a week of panels, promo and Perkins. (And it no way, shape or form mentions all the terrific people I saw this year. I mentioned the whole "decompressing" thing, yes?) Enjoy! And I hope to see you next year at RT.

A is for authors, both the established and the rookie.
B is for Barry Eisler doing shots before a panel on nookie.
C is for Columbus - next year in Ohio!
D is for Dakota Cassidy, so raunchy, oh my-o!
E is for Ellora’s Cave and its jungle-themed dance.
F is for the Fairy Ball. Is that a magic wand in your pants?
G is for the goody room with all the free books.
H is for halibut, which you could eat at Fishhooks.
I is for Ilona Andrews, whom I was happy to meet.
J is for Jeanne Stein, RT-award-winner, how neat!
K is for Keri Arthur, a Deadline Dame who hit the NY Times list, huzzah!
L is for the League of Reluctant Adults and the Jaye Wells gun bra.
M is for Michelles - one-L Bardsley and two-L Rowen
N is for “No, I have no idea where I’m goin’.”
O is for Orlando, which was the place to go.
P is for the pool bar, where the service was slow.
Q is for quiet. Saturday morning? Not so much.
R is for Richelle Mead, she with the feng shui touch.
S is for Stacia Kane, whose girls are marrying my boys.
T is for Team Seattle, who this year found no sex toys.
U is for “Um, is this Mr. Romance or Dancing With the Stars?”
V is for vampire dinner theater: food, song and bars.
W is for Wonderworks: stage magic and comedy, what a lark!
X is for X-rated readings as performed by Heather and Mark.
Y is for yes, I left out a lot. So sue me.
Z is for Zee end! Another RT is finit!

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