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New Member Introduction: Anna DeStefano

My name's Anna DeStefano. I'm a new member. I've published for years with Harlequin. For the last two years with Dorchester, I've written paranormal suspense that's morphed into contemporary fantasy (metaphysics, parapsychology, dream theory and fun like that).

I'm writing less and less romance in my mainstream stories. My next release is being racked under straight sci-fi/fantasy and being promoted as a "like" for those who enjoyed the movie Inception. I'm spending my time between now and the release date (May) figuring out what that means, how I found myself here (after loving sci-fi/fantasy as a kid but never dreaming that's what I'd end up creating), and getting the feel for this exciting new creative direction.

A friend's raved about this being a great group to network and learn from/share with fantasy and paranormal writers. I'm not sure if this is the active list for the group anymore, but in case it is I wanted to post and introduce myself.

I look forward to getting to know everyone~~

Anna DeStefano

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