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Let's Talk Inception and Secret Legacy Dream Theory!

It's Anna DeStefano again. Let's talk psychic fantasy and paranormal thrillers in movies and fantasy novels!

I get a lot of emails asking to know more about
how my Legacy Series is similar to the Oscar award winning movie Inception. My first thought when this happens is that Dark Legacy sold and was published long before  the movie--so why isn't everyone asking how Inception is similar to my popular Legacy Series of novels?

Of course I love to hear everyone's thoughts--even those who dig the  movie more. Then again, you haven't read Secret Legacy yet (out in May), so hold that thought ;o)

On my blog (where you can WIN AN AMAZON GIFT CERTIFICATE just for commenting ;o) I give you some highlights in today's post to get the conversation started.

I'm talking about the cool things in both Inception and my Legacy series that you're not seeing out there an anything else right now.

Come join the fun! 

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