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Supernatural Capital Tours!

PROMOTIONAL ADVERT SPONSORED BY the SPELLCRACKERS.COM urban fantasy series for the release of The Cold Kiss of Death - book # 2 (US Edition) April 26!

Hey, I've just found out about this great new Tour company. It's called Supernatural Capital Tours and does these fantastic trips round all the fanged, fae and magical hot spots in London.

Supernatural Capital Tours is a recognised leader in London City sightseeing. Our hop-on, hop-off bus tours are operated on a fleet of new double-decker buses designed with top-deck-only seating to provide you with the best possible views of London’s magical attractions, supernatural neighbourhoods and places of paranormal interest.
Supernatural Capital Tours provides the best paranormal attractions, including vampire theatrical shows, magical markets, and Charmed river cruises. SCT is an expert in Magical Tourism.

Please preview some of the tours we provide below:

SCT All Around Town Tour ~ Adults and Children
Tour Includes: Hop on Hop off double-decker tickets valid for 48 hours from the time you purchase your Enchanted Boarding Ticket. Due to the inclusion of vampire premises on the tour, and in line with current Vampiric Licensing Legislation*, tours start one hour after Dawn and conclude two hours before Sunset.

The SCT All Around Town Tour includes the following magical sightseeing stops:

Trafalgar Square: Watch mischievous pixies as they attempt to animate the huge bronze lions (designed by Sir Edwin Landseer), that have guarded the base of Nelson’s Column since 1867. Warning: We advise all passengers to keep all mobile phones and childrens' toys away from the pixies. Animated items cannot be un-animated by SCT employees, and SCT are not responsible for any damage to tour passengers’ belongings.

Covent Garden: Shop at the world famous Witch Market, for customised spells, potions, crystals and magic. (Tour ticket entitles holder to 10% discount on all purchases at participating stalls.)
Leicester Square: Visit the Blue Heart vampire club, the home of London’s Historic Calendar Vampires with its eclectic vampire-themed gift shop, and the opulent Fangs for the Memory ballroom which revamps the glamour of the early 20th Century with its daily afternoon tea dances.

Green Park: Enjoy a picnic, or stroll amidst the peaceful verdant landscape, while keeping a sharp eye out for the park’s resident dryads as they step in, or out of their trees. Please note: This amazing sight cannot be guaranteed.
The Coffin Club: Sucker Town’s newest vampire establishment is the only place where visitors can view vampires in their ‘Dead as the Day is Long’ state. The vampires enjoy their daytime rest in diamond etched glass coffins especially imported from Russia. Please note: A minimum of six vampires on display daily. For private parties please contact the Coffin Club’s day manager: Gareth Wilson. (Tour ticket entitles holder to 15% discount on DVDs in the Casket Gift shop)

* Vampiric Licensing Legislation states children under 16 are not permitted to visit vampire premises between Sunset – 2 hours, and Dawn + 1 hour for their own protection.


SCT Sanguine Night Tour ~ Adults only
Escorted bus Tour (not Hop-on Hop-off). All tours will be escorted by a minimum of three Beater goblins, and one Monitor goblin in accordance with current Vampiric Licensing Legislation, to ensure the well-being and continued free will of all tour passengers.

Tir na n’Og (aka the Bloody Shamrock): One of the oldest Irish bars in London, and believed to be frequented by vampires for the last 250 years. Enjoy the craic, and listen to the bars ‘live’ band. Visits to the Upper Balcony for a private drink with the club’s vampires are limited and strictly by prior invitation only. (Tour ticket includes a complimentary pint of the ‘black stuff’ or a Jameson’s whiskey during your visit.)

Blue Heart: Enjoy a namesake Blue Heart cocktail (non-alcoholic) in the Blue Artery Bar. Party the night away in the Starlight Lounge nightclub, or waltz around the dancefloor to the famous Gordon Rackman Orchestra in the Fangs for the Memory ballroom. There is an option for Getting Fanged by the Calendar Vamp of your choice. (Pre-booking required. Price not included in tour ticket. Waiver form must be signed and witnessed.)
The Leech and Lettuce: Soak up the ambience and rub shoulders with the local vampires in this typical Sucker Town blood pub. Experience the thrill of Getting Fanged during your visit. Semi-secluded alcoves are provided for guests' use, and are licensed for wrists or necks only. There are also more private rooms underground.

Please note: the vampire bite experience at the Leech and Lettuce is included in the tour price. Should you decide to take up this option at any point during the tour, your guide will ask you to sign our standard ‘Get Fanged’ waiver, which will be witnessed by the tour’s Monitor goblin. SCT will not be held responsible for any passengers’ safety if they refuse to sign the waiver.

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Hope you've enjoyed my shameless self-promo post!  *g* If you did, why not tell me which Supernatural Capital Tour you would choose?
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