Melissa Marr (melissa_writing) wrote in fangs_fur_fey,
Melissa Marr

Cover Art, Release Dates, Reviews--Share with us

I know some of you have had recent releases or recently rec'd cover art or reviews.  Some have shared that news. Some . . . not so much.  So this is a request from me to you: Will you please share links here--use the comments section--with where we can find your updates?  I like to know what you're doing.  It makes saying "congrats" to you & finding your books easier.

If you don't want to reply in the comments to this messager, please post a new message with the data (incl art).  If you do this, please use LJ-Cuts so as not to have giant messages for those who have FFF on their friends page.


Melissa Marr (community nudger/nag)
Tags: mod/admin
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