Jeaniene Frost (frost_light) wrote in fangs_fur_fey,
Jeaniene Frost

Revised hooks

In response suggestions from several enthusiastic contest participants, Fangs Fur and Fey will be hosting an open REVISED HOOK post. Details are: anyone who entered in the Hook contest can post their revised hooks in the comments section here, showing their old hook and it's new improved version based on the judges/other people's comments. ALL watchers - and members! - are then invited to comment on the revised hooks. 

Note: Members and Watchers are invited to comment. No one is required to. We had our official Hook contest and this is just a way for those interested to follow up. There is no prize except receiving voluntary feedback. This doesn't mean people who improved the most will be advancing into the Pages round of our current contest. In short - this is just for educational fun.
The same no-flaming rules apply.

-Jeaniene Frost
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