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Fangs, Fur, & Fey

Urban, Paranormal & Contemp Fantasy

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Fangs, Fur, and Fey is a livejournal community made up of published and soon-to-be-published urban fantasy and paranormal romance authors.

Anyone with an interest in urban fantasy/contemporary fantasy /cross-genre/paranormal romance is encouraged to WATCH. "Watch" means you reply & read the entries on your f-list. Please do not click "Join", as membership is limited to authors in the urban fantasy and paranormal romance genres already published or with a confirmed publishing contract in hand. Please note that FF&F uses the same list of publishers as the SFWA when determining membership eligibility. All others are welcome and encouraged to participate in topics started by members via the comment threads.

Message about the community: Fangs Fur and Fey consists of a large group of members and watchers. As with any large group, opinions vary, and sometimes they vary widely. We are not Borg; there is no hive mind of agreement on anything here (except perhaps that we all love books :). So, if a member or watcher has made a comment that someone finds offensive, please remember that it is not reflective of the entire community, but only of the person making the comment. We've tried to go the censorship route to keep certain individual opinions in the community from offending others, but that has proven to be as problematic as letting the offensive comments/posts stand.

So, moving forward, FFF admin is keeping all posts/comments in their original form. If someone is offended by them, they are welcome to take that up with the poster/commenter. Again, opinions will vary, and politely-worded disagreement is as welcome here as words of agreement on a topic or comment.

Thank you,
FFF Admin

New Administrators: Kasey Mackenzie, Jessa Slade